Top 9 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a King Air

Here are the top 9 avoidable mistakes when buying a King Air. We’ll be taking a closer look at each of these in my next few blogs!

#9 – Failure to consider all costs, expenditures, taxes, and risk involved with an aircraft purchase.

#8 – Failure to execute agreements that clearly explain the responsibilities of all parties.

#7 – Failure to research potential damage history of the aircraft prior to spending money / time on the visual inspection.

#6 – Not verifying that the seller is able / willing to pay for the correction of discrepancies found during pre-purchase inspection.

#5 – Failure to do a proper test flight / power runs.

#4 – Failure to do a complete review / audit of logbooks and maintenance records.

#3 – Using a shop for pre-purchase inspection that does not specialize in King Airs.

#2 – Failure to bore-scope engines / use a DOF shop to bore-scope engines.

#1 – Buying an aircraft without a pre-purchase inspection, with a recent phase inspection, with prior bore-scopes, because your buddy said it was a good airplane, etc.

There’s a lot more than this to buying a King Air… but this is a good start!


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