Most frequent questions and answers

A buyer’s representative is an industry professional whose purpose is to serve and protect the buyer and the buyer’s interest to the best of their abilities. 

We ensure we have your best interest at heart through the entire process. 

We believe that the best interest of our clients is served by a firm that is not distracted with other duties. We don’t sell, broker or manage airplanes. We exclusively represent buyers.

You’re a client for life! We’re here to assist with all of your aviation needs, years after we’ve closed on your perfect aircraft.      

No, we offer acquisition services for turboprops and helicopters as well.

Yes, we offer free consultations. Our mission is to help aircraft buyers avoid the pitfalls often associated with purchasing a turbine aircraft.  We’ll gladly help and advise you in regard to your next purchase. If you decide to hire us, great. If not, we hope we’ve made a new friend and helped save you from making any costly mistakes.

Absolutely, unlike a broker who has a vested interest in selling you whichever aircraft he has listed, we will assess your needs, mission and budget to recommend the perfect aircraft for you.

We charge a flat fee per service that includes all our expenses. Our upfront and straightforward pricing means you know exactly what you’ll pay with no surprises. We don’t do percentage-based commissions because that would mean we get paid more when you pay more! Call us today and we’ll be glad to discuss.